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2BIT - We enable!
Stationsstrasse 28| 8472 Seuzach| +41 (0)44 585 20 50| info@2bit.ch
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Making information technology enjoyable – and enjoying its enduring competitive advantages

“I love software, because if you can imagine something, you can build it” – the words of US programmer Ray Ozzie reflect and encapsulate the philosophy of our business. You name your requirements; we’ll build you a fitting solution. Information technology is our passion, and it’s one we want to share with you.

Our applications will guide you to success – quickly, easily, and more enjoyably than ever before.

Alongside its technological expertise, 2Bit offers an in-depth base of knowledge in business economics. Rather than get lost in technical features, we focus on your business goals. We keep track of the market and evaluate changes and trends. This enables us to create customised solutions with enduring competitive advantages. We support medium-sized enterprises and large corporations in all aspects of business and IT strategy. Our core competence is the development of software applications, mobile apps and business intelligence solutions that are tailor-made to fit your requirements. We look to the future with you and equip your business for what’s to come.


Intelligent information for smart decisions

Information is knowledge and knowledge is power. A comprehensive pool of knowledge gives you the ability to make smart, fact-based decisions. 2Bit’s business intelligence solutions function as a dependable source of support for both operational and strategic business issues.

Different departments of a business often maintain individual data structures that have evolved independently of one another over time.

These systems are sometimes incompatible and the quality of the data is some way from ideal. A setup like this complicates or delays company-wide reporting and analysis. In our role as business intelligence experts, we take dispersed data pools and use them as a building blocks for a central, cross-departmental, structured information system.

We analyse your requirements, develop concepts and implement software solutions that are tailor-made to you.

This enables you to gain quick and easy access to the right information, clearly presented. Make your business processes more profitable, reduce your costs, minimise your risks and increase added value – intelligently.

Close interlinkage of business and IT strategy

The future looks bright: markets are expanding, new competitors are emerging and customers are changing their purchasing behaviour. Your aim should be to ready your business for these changes, to recognise risks in a timely manner and to exploit new avenues of potential. Business and IT innovations are inexricably linked.

2Bit combines business-related and technological know-how to offer comprehensive guidance on meeting the demands of tomorrow.

We analyse your business as it stands and support you in developing forward-thinking, future-oriented business processes. A modern strategic realignment of your business impacts necessarily on your IT landscape, and we take the utmost care to design concepts which respect and capitalise on the inextricable link between business and IT strategy. At the same time, we retain focus on making solutions that are easily integratable and economically sound. Project management is another of our core competencies.

2Bit is a one-stop service supplier, meaning  no interface issues, redundant components or functional gaps.

We use tried-and-tested processes and uniform standards to guarantee the successful execution of projects. This saves time and money, reduces complexity and acts as a guarantor of quality.


Anywhere, Anytime Access to Company Data on All Devices and Platforms

The days in which your PC was the sole means of accessing your company information are long gone. Today, you can retrieve important information and key data at any time and from any location. 2Bit will guide you into the mobile world of today and tomorrow. We develop apps that compete at the highest levels of technical sophistication and guarantee optimal standards of usability.

Mobile apps digitalise your business processes, making haphazard paper flow a thing of the past.

As well as supplying users with data, mobile end devices can be used to record it and transfer it into other systems online. Content that is input becomes available to other users without delay. Additionally, digital submission minimises the risk of data loss and errors due to illegible handwriting. These advantages assist you in achieving long-term, sustainable savings on time and capital.

Breaking down barriers – not setting borders – is where our interests lie. .

This is why all of our applications are platform-independent. Clients are free to use them on their preferred choice of end device, whether that be iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or Windows phone. Naturally, our software can also be published in all existing app stores – the Apple App Store, Google Play or the Windows Store.



Customised solutions ensure efficiency and flexibility

A suit fits best when tailor-made to your exact measurements; off-the-hanger clothes always necessitate compromise. Software functions in exactly the same way. With this in mind, 2Bit designs individual software products that offer optimal levels of support to the business processes of their respective clients. Such products also provide the benefits of cost efficiency and future-proofness.

During the conceptualisation of our forward-thinking software solutions, we draw on business economics expertise and the benefits of the Microsoft.NET framework.

We know how – and just as importantly, why – software is built. As well as examining key business-relevant information, we strive to keep the customer and their interests in mind beginning with the database development process.   2Bit prides itself on the development of sustainable software architecture that enabes sophisticated analysis and offers the benefits of minimal maintenance demands and easy extensibility.

New software should increase productivity and flexibility, not restrict it.

We strive to make our products device independent. In the future, you’ll be able to deploy our applications on your desktop PC, tablet, mobile telephone and on other smart devices. Your information is accessible, whenever and wherever you need it.



Stationsstrasse 28
8472 Seuzach

Telefon: +41 (0)44 585 20 50

Email: info@2bit.ch

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